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  1. Nur disse:

    I enjoyed the quiz. It got me to thiiknng about the plain and simple things of th egospel. One thing often overlooked as it pertains to the importance of baptism is what it is for. The main aspect of baptism is that it is only through making a covenant relationship with the Father, that we can claim to be numbered with Him. That covenant relationship begins at baptism. This is why Christ too had to be baptised. Even Christ had to be baptized (not to wash any sins away) so that he would show to us the absolute requirement of the rules of the Kingdom and the most important being entering into a covenant relationship with the Father.A lot of people do not understand this principle. Honestly, LDS believe that baptism is merely for the washing away of ones sins and being reborn. First and foremost, baptism is the means whereby we enter into the covenant with the Father. As this happens, it unlocks, or gives one access to the father and the atonement. This new covenant relationship allows us to get the remission of sins needed that is secondary or a part of the agreement that God promises to us now being brought into the covenant relationship.The baptism of Christy thus shows us first and foremost the first reason of baptism, it being the very ordinance that establishes the covenant relationship which from there, unlocks all physical and spiritual blessings of eternity.

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