A Oração de Jabez

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  1. Bilal disse:

    Obviously the distinctly black corntuy network would not condone any illegal action as a way forward, but we certainly welcome a debate about how the system of protection of historic buildings could be improved. Meanwhile Jon Beesley, Wolverhampton City Council’s Urban Design and Conservation Officer, writes:I suspect this is an unfounded view of developers, however the writer’s view that a system is required which incentivises owners to invest in their properties is a valid point. Arson is a major problem in the UK, accounting for approximately 50% of all building fires. Empty buildings are particularly vulnerable to arson attacks and unfortunately historic buildings feature very highly in the statistics. Economic viability is the key to securing the future of any historic building. All too often, land values are low in declining urban areas. If the figures do not stack up, there is no incentive to invest and buildings remain empty and vulnerable. Incentives to developers to bring historic buildings back into use in such areas have been available over recent years, usually in the form of grants. Such grants have secured the future of many historic buildings; however this has come at a cost to the public purse. So a system which encourages owners to invest in their properties does already exist, but in the current political and economic climate the availability of public funding for the conservation of historic buildings is likely to be limited.

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