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  1. Kadija disse:

    With love and respect, I *don’t* like the prjocet.In the intro you reference Don Carson’s book about his Dad. That’s fine. I’d point out that Tom Carson is with Christ. We can learn a lot from other people, especially pastors who have gone before.But right now we face a culture of quite extraordinary adulation of a select few ‘leaders’ in evangelicalism. I don’t need to list names, you know what I mean.The issue is, as I see it, that every pastor’s greatest desire is that of THE Pastor Supreme: He must increase, but I must decrease. (John 3.30)I am sure the ordinary pastors praised are much loved and much used men. But I guarantee for every one highlighted, there are ten more worthy, and I truly believe that nobody reading of themselves on the web page would be encouraged, but rather concerned that they were elevated unduly.I’m not commending false humility in what I say, just expressing a profound unease with the culture prevalent in the evangelical churches today where we unwittingly exalt men.

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